Alignment of Interests

Co-investors; Co-principals
Local partners are bound within joint ventures and/or co-investments producing superior commitment, results and security
Management input from both ends of the investment process ensures superior consideration of all aspects of the investment

Local Management with established Track Record

Offices in Zurich, Frankfurt am Main and São Paulo
Long-established high caliber local partners

Optimised Investment Performance

International experience is combined with local management's knowledge of regulatory, operational and client issues to achieve greater efficiency
Dislocations of value and embedded options are actively sought out; unhedgeable risks are clearly defined and minimised
Administration costs are reduced through transparency, control and efficient structure

In-house Risk Control since 2002

Transactions are subject to rigorous analytical and operational review
Dedicated and independent risk, finance, due diligence and legal teams review each investment

Macro Research & Risk Analysis since 2002

Arsago situates all its research within a global context