Mineral Exploration and Development

Our Investment Approach

We define strategic or critical minerals as those with greatest medium- and long-term scarcity value, where current production is concentrated and reserves are limited; and our focus on Brazil provides one of the most reliable and stable mining environments globally.

We enter the investment cycle early and advanced stage and undertake exploration and development of new and undercapitalised projects, with the main objective to lead projects to sustainable and profitable production. We focus on application of leading-edge exploration techniques; strict budget control; and a disciplined approach to exit management as soon as our value targets are met.

We capture these opportunities via our ongoing and successful partnership in Brazilian mineral exploration with a Partner Investor and Mining Ventures Brazil Group, one of the best-trained exploration and development teams in the country; and we offer investors unique access to a dedicated portfolio of strategic mineral projects.

We believe in the continuation of growth, wealth creation and increasing urbanisation in the developing world. Such a scenario can only lead to even stronger demand for commodities in this decade and beyond.

Critical Minerals and Long Term Scarcity

Strategic or critical metals are those that are essential for industry and national security, but for which a nation has little or no domestic supply. Often these minerals are concentrated in a very few countries and accessibility and stable supply are limited. We often do not see critical metals as finished products but they play an increasing role in our everyday lives when it comes to improving energy efficiency and high performance devices and applications. Supply of new reserves responds only slowly to the fast growing demand for these minerals from the high technology and green energy industry.

Why we Focus on Critical Minerals

Demand for metals and minerals is increasing strongly, driven by relentless growth in the emerging economies in Asia and South America and competition for resources is growing. At the same time supply disruption, most from geopolitical reasons or resource nationalism along with events as mine strikes and accidents make the availability of some of these minerals highly critical for the functioning of the global economy.

If the supply of any of these minerals used in everyday products and services war curtailed, consumers and sectors of the developed as much as of the developing countries could be significantly affected.

Some of these minerals, particularly the rare earth elements and tungsten but also others have low recycling rates and a limited number of substitutes.

Finding new supply through exploration and development of new mines will be the only way to expand the diversification of the supply chain.

The lack of short and medium term supply outlook for critical minerals offers a vast array of opportunities for mining investors seeking taking advantage of the increasing demand/supply gap.

Investor Access

  • Rare Earth Mineral Exploration and Development

    Rare Earth Minerals Exploration and Development

    -"The clean energy economy of the future hinges on a lot of things, chief among them the availability of the scores of Rare Earth Minerals and other elements used to make everything from photovoltaic panels and cellphone displays to the permanent magnets in cutting edge new wind generators. And right out of the gate trouble is brewing over projected growth in demand for these minerals and the security of their supplies".

  • (Geological Society of America)