What we do

Real Estate

In the current low interest rate environment, with uncertainty over the future course of inflation, there is naturally an appetite for real assets which can also provide meaningful real returns. However, real asset investments can be inaccessible to most investors.

Real estate therefore offers a more familiar exposure to the benefits of real assets in today's world, explaining its particular popularity since 2008. However, the normal relationship between risk and return applies to real estate investments: exposure to interest rate volatility, unemployment and overcrowded markets imply as much uncertainty in real estate as in any other sector.

In selecting our specific focus within the real estate sector, Arsago has therefore cencentrated on minimising the known risks and seeking out value dislocation which, with careful and creative application, offers superior returns with below-average levels of risk.

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Natural Resources

Brazilian portfolio company backed by a private equity majority commitment from Denham Capital, a natural resources and energy specialist

One of the best-trained exploration and development teams in Brazil (including over 25 leading Brazilian geologists and engineers) focusing on highly prospective mining opportunities in Brazil

Leading global geologists, engineers, finance and senior ex-BHP Billiton management

Diversified portfolios of strategic minerals (e.g. rare earth, copper, gold and phosphate)

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